Digesting heavy earth science topics for everyday audiences? That’s what I do. My articles have appeared in Vineyard & Winery Management, BioScience, Stormwater, and Erosion Control. A selection of my recent work: 

Publications / Articles

  • The Indomitable Dung Beetle Plays Key Role in Parasite Regulation, BioScience, June 2017. BioBrief (800 words) summarizing recent research findings and potential pasture management implications. 
  • Case studies in tube-based sediment control, Erosion Control, May 2017. Feature article (3000 words) presenting three projects using innovative tube style erosion control products. 
  • What’s Hot in Modeling Software, Stormwater, May 2017. Feature article (3700 words) reviewing selected modeling software advances and end-user experiences. 
  • Pure, Precise Polyethylene, Vineyard & Winery Management magazine, March/April 2017. Feature article (2260 words) presenting winemaker experiences in using polyethylene fermentation tanks — pros, cons, and considerations. 
  • Mobile Powdery Mildew App Unveiled Globally, Vineyard & Winery Management magazine, March/April 2017. News in Focus reviewing (530 words) on new vineyard monitoring and tracking technology.
  • Sequencing Breakthrough Advances Genome Studies, Vineyard & Winery Management magazine, March/April 2017. News in Focus (640 words) presenting genome sequencing breakthrough and implications for winegrape industry.
  • Don’t Waste It, Vineyard & Winery Management magazine, Jan/Feb 2017. Feature article (1700 words) reviewing winery wastewater treatment and reuse options — existing practices, new technologies and insider insights.
  • Cutting It Down to Size, Vineyard & Winery Management magazine, Nov/Dec 2016. Feature article (2100 words) reviewing dormant pruning techniques and industry professionals’ advice. 
  • Barrels with Spirit, Vineyard & Winery Management magazine, Sept/Oct 2016. Feature article (1600 words) on increasing trend of aging wine in used spirit barrels.
  • Status of Glassy-winged Sharpshooter and Pierce’s Disease, Vineyard & Winery Management magazine, July/Aug 2016. News In Focus summary (500 words) updating readers on GWS status and promising Pierce’s disease control.
  • April Freeze Damage in Mid-Atlantic Region, Vineyard & Winery Management magazine, July/Aug 2016. News In Focus summary (500 words) of freeze event occuring in April 2016. 
  • Dream Machines, Vineyard & Winery Management magazine, May/June 2016. Feature article (1800 words) summarizing the selection, maintenance and handling of bottling lines.
  • Beat This, Outside Bozeman online, August 11, 2016. Backpacking destination description and how-to of southwest Montana’s Beaten Path. 
  • When a grizzly kills a human. Draft article (1500 words) examining grizzly bear management in the Yellowstone Ecosystem. 
  • When a Grizzly Kills, Outside Bozeman, Summer 2016. Article discussing management decision around grizzly that killed Lance Crosby in Yellowstone.
  • Rebounz blog hosted by, ongoing since May 2016. Weekly posts generally involve mental health and machine learning topics.  
  • Home again at Homestead, Nebraska Life, July/Aug 2016. Article (500 words) celebrating the natural and cultural heritage of Homestead National Monument of America. [clip coming soon!]
  • NPS 6.7 Million Volunteer Hours + sidebar, Blue Ridge Country, July/Aug 2016. Volunteer opportunities with list of contact information for NPS opportunities in the Blue Ridge region.
  • Volunteering to make a difference, Boom!, June 2016. Article summarizing volunteer opportunities with State Parks and NPS sites in N.C.
  • Marco Island, Florida. 500-word article describing fishing and tourism opportunities on the island.
  • Northwoods Namekagon. FOB summary (250 words) of paddling opportunities on the Namekagon River (Wisconsin) including summary bullets and original photography.

Business & Non-Profit Clients

Environmental Studies / Mitigation Banking

Green Infrastructure / Low Impact Design

  • DC Water Technical Memorandum 3 excerpt. Summary proposal for implementation of Green Infrastructure across the District to reduce sizing of hardscape Combined Sewer Overflow controls. Prepared as consultant team member with primary role as copyeditor.
  • DC Water Technical Memorandum 3: Appendix A excerpt. Appendix describing typical green infrastructure bioretention practices including functions, appearance, and maintenance.
  • DC Water Green Roof Summary Memo. Two-page summary of design specifications for two pilot green roof projects at DC Water sites.
  • DC Water Green Roof Component Calculations. Series of Excel worksheets to analyze cumulative components weights across proposed roof.
  • DC Water Green Roof Specifications. Construction specifications governing the installation of two pilot green roof projects at DC Water sites.